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Hundreds of individuals have trusted Kingdom Driving School around the world, including many taking their driving lessons in Surrey, so you’ll be in safe hands with your friendly driving instructor. We deliver competitive priced courses without compromising on quality or functionality. We can provide gift coupons for driving lessons and start packages for birthdays, graduations or new years.

Reasons to Become a Driving Instructor

  • A massive backlog of driving lessons was created by the Covid-19 shutdown and the public is being advised to avoid public transport
  • We have new clients who want to learn to drive at unparalleled amounts.

  • Furthermore, several driving instructors have chosen to retire or leave the industry, which means that now is a wonderful opportunity to take charge of your career and be in the ideal spot for 2021.

  • The first section of our training program for instructors is online. This means that in no time, you will begin immediately and be on the road.

Training to become a driving instructor not only gives you a career, it provides you with a vocation that offers exceptional work fulfilment and versatility for years. Here are some of the reasons why you should be a driving instructor and modify your career. It’s important to make time for things outside of work. You can monitor your own hours as a teacher and adjust your life, helping you to make meaningful adjustments to your life and improve your satisfaction with the work.

Demand for driving lessons in the UK is growing. In order to meet this demand, driving instructors are needed nationally, which means a great opportunity awaits you. Get up to 80 hours of lessons from professionals who have been through more than 10,000 teachers. And the Kingdom’s average driving instructor had a total weekly salary of £ 875 in 12 months.

Get A Buzz From Training

In pursuit of a new challenge?  Or the opportunity to be a leader of your own? It could be ideal for you to become a driving instructor. We have a wealth of expertise as one of the UK’s biggest driving schools and have educated more than 6000 individuals. We are with you in every step of the way as you learn with Kingdom Driving School, and you can enjoy the advantages that come with being a customer of Kingdom Driving School until you are fully eligible.

Start Learning to Drive Today

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Why Work With Us?

Train your existing job obligations across your doorstep and benefit from the special local experience that will be invaluable as you start working in the surrounding environment.

We’re not only going to help you become a skilled driving instructor, but we’re also going to promise you services to guarantee you have all the experience you can handle.

All classes involve 52 hours of specialist in-car instruction for professional and professionally trained teaching teachers (or 72 hours through deciding to take a PDI licence)

You’re not bound to us, even though we can help you with services, but if you want to enter another driving school, or start-up one of your own, you’re free to do so.


Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

What a driving school experience, the best one. I would like to share my wonderful experience with the wonderful things of Kingdom driving school. If you really want to pass your exam, I highly and sincerely suggest this school. Super professional stuff. Good luck to all of them.
Sophia Jones
Kingdom Drive School was awesome. Instructors have perfectly explained everything and still know the best way to teach each student. I felt confident in my test after just a short while of getting lessons and passed for the first time! 🙂
Harold Green

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